New 2023 Homestead Horse Events:

JATON LORD CLINIC! July 28-30  (1/2 day on the 28th, 2 full days on 29-30) Performance & Cattle Work! Private Ranch Clinic, limited spots available, no spectators, over night camping available, Bring your own lunch. Group Dinner planned at local Resturant Saturday night (not included in clinic fee). Limited number of pens & pastas available for horse/s at no extra charge. Rhino/flu & Coggins required for horse boarding. Cost $650. $325 deposit holds your spot. No deposit refunds after June 1, 2023. Contact Carolyn for more information 406-529-5033


ROBY MORELAND CLINIC!  August 18-20  (1/2 day on the 18th, 2 full days on 19-20) Horsemanship, flag & cattle work! Private Ranch clinic, limited spots available, no spectators, over night camping available, Catered Lunch on Saturday & Sunday, Group dinner planned at local Resturant Saturday night (not included in clinic fee). Limited number of pens & pastures available for horse/s at no extra charge. Rhino/flu & Coggins required for horse boarding. Cost $650.  $325 deposit holds your spot. No deposit refunds after July 1, 2023. Contact Carolyn for more information 406-529-5033.

Meet Roby! Roby Moreland comes from a background of horsemanship and colt starting that derives from the Ray Hunt and Tom Dorrance methods. Roby has a passion for teaching and helping people find their direction with horses. Roby currently is based in Aledo, TX where he rides performance horses for the public. 


“Roby Moreland is a phenomenal, well rounded horseman. I have seen him ride everything from warm bloods to show cutters. No matter what horse or what job he can help you progress to the next level or goal. I have worked under, with and for him. And he’s never treated me or anyone else with anything less then kindness. Roby is one of the most patient, honest, and helpful teachers I’ve ever been around. He always strives to help you and your horse to be the best you can be. I highly recommend that anyone who can rides with Roby, you will not regret it” Kevin Broderick
“Robert Moreland is part of the next generation of great American horsemen who adhere to the teachings of Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, and Buck Brannaman, to name just a few.  His philosophy, like his mentors, focuses on the horse and the relationship between horse and rider. He’s done wonders for me and my horses.  If you have the opportunity to work with Robert Moreland, don’t miss it” Jennifer Patterson
“Robert’s understanding of horses coupled with his remarkable timing and feel give him a remarkable ability to communicate effectively with the horse, creating an environment of relaxation and trust, which is the basis of any learning experience. His horses never look schooled, they all have lightness, impulsion and collection. Over the years Robert has widen his field of equine expertise beyond classical and western horsemanship, and his attention to details to horse feed, trimming and shoeing, respiration and general equine fitness, allow his students to bring home a wealth of invaluable experience that they can put to use at once with their own horses. Robert’s horses are all carefree as they enjoy what they are doing, but punctual when they are called into action. There is clarity in what they are asked to do, but never harshness in the way they are asked. The same happens with the horsemen and horsewomen he works with. Robert’s teaching skills are as remarkable as his horsemanship, which is very rare in this space. His comments are always on point, clear and actionable, but also with enough context that allow for a deeper learning. His clinics are relaxed and fun, in a stimulating, supportive atmosphere that suits all types of riders at all levels.” Federico Malatesta
“Roby Moreland is the trainer I would recommend to someone wanting a horse that has a sound mind and can think for itself. A horse that has been exposed to potential danger and allowed to think it’s way out. I see Roby and his crew on a daily basis treating the horses with respect and educating them to give respect. Know that Roby’s knowledge and skill set goes so much deeper than just making a horse you can sit on and go. He creates a partner that is in tune with the needs and disciplines of the rider. Roby’s clinics are about educating you, as the rider, to ask properly for your horse to perform at its best. With a calm demeanor he engages you into his world. Helping to define the boundaries of true horsemanship. I am blessed to watch him work and to call him a friend”.
Renee’ Stacy


“I’ve had the honor of witnessing Roby work with private client horses, ranch horses, his personal horses and colt starting including the colt he is starting for me right now. There is something truly unique about Roby, including his ability to read any horse, his sensitivity towards the horse, and his calm demeanor and approach while working with horses and their owners. Roby’s work ethic is bar none from the very early mornings I witnessed him in the barn until the last one to leave in the evening. Roby always did the right thing by the horse even when no one was watching. Roby has helped me personally work through many rough spots with my own horses over the years. He knows how to handle any difficult situation with any horse calmly always leaving the horse & rider in a much better place then when they started. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to learn from the next generation of greatest horseman in modern times” Carolyn Mack

“Fantastic to hear Roby Moreland will be in Montana this August! Roby is a fantastic clinician!  I will never forget the time when the wind blew my raincoat under my little Morgan’s belly, I trusted Roby to free up my little Mighty Man. You can trust Roby to help you and your horse”  Cindy Marshall
“Roby is a talented horseman and a wonderful teacher! He has a gift for getting across what needs to be done for the horse, in a way that is understandable and effective for the human.” Janice Pastore Sibilia 


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